FOOD TRENDS: Pork Wings Are The New Chicken Wings

FOOD TRENDS: Pork Wings Are The New Chicken Wings

Pork Wings are the new Chicken Wings which only have 170 calories.

What people are loving about pork wings is that they are great finger foods that are great for NFL parties, BBQs, feeding the family and keeping the budget down. The Pig Wings are said to be juicier, and not as flabby as Chicken wings. Read on to see how these two compare to each other… has the latest trend “Pork Wings” the other white meat which has fastly become the newest trend.

These days pockets are tight and some Chicken has become a bit pricey so people are leaning back to the pig.

What is the nutritional and protein value between the two?

Well, for 3 ounces of pork the nutritional value is around 120 calories vs Chicken which comes in around 170 calories.

Butcher Matthew Katakis tells us which lean cut to buy at the supermarket. To make sure you get the protein value of the pork to make sure to buy the tenderloin of the pork. If that is too costly for you then try to boneless pork loin which is the meat from the back of the leg.

Dr. Oz posted the news on the new trend Pig Wings.

Photo: Instagram (Sweet Chili Glaze Pork Wings) courtesy of Cracked Olive Market in New Jersey

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