Anthony Bourdain’s Most Prized Kitchen Knife Up For Auction

Anthony Bourdain’s Most Prized Kitchen Knife Up For Auction

Fifteen months after the death of beloved food-world icon Anthony Bourdain, more than 200 of his personal belongings will be auctioned off in October.

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Anthony Bourdain’s Most Prized Kitchen Knife Up For Auction reports that 200 items of Anthony Bourdain will be auctioned off and 40% of the proceeds from the auction will be donated to Bourdain’s alma mater the Culinary Institute of America.

It’s a newly established Anthony Bourdain Legacy Scholarship, which provides grant money to students who pursue a study-abroad or a global cuisines program.

The remainder of the auction proceeds will go to Bourdain’s wife, Ottavia Busia-Bourdain (they were separated at the time of his death), and their daughter, Ariane.

The collection of items for sale includes a custom Bob Kramer steel and meteorite chef’s knife, expected to fetch the highest price of the set, per the Times.

Laurie Woolever, Bourdain’s longtime personal assistant and collaborator, told the New York Times:

Bourdain had a taste for elegance and culture, “he valued comfort, and he knew what looked good.”

In addition to the knife, lots that will be available in the online auction, such as:

  • A mid-century Peter Lovig Nielsen desk, which Bourdain used to write
  • Original typed manuscript or early draft for Bourdain’s novel turned film Bone in the Throat
  • A script for The Simpsons episode “The Food Wife” (in which Bourdain made a guest appearance as himself), with signed inscriptions to Bourdain
  • Chrome duck press from the Paris episode of The Layover
  • A silver and bronze sculpture of the Michelin Man
  • A jacket with a special patch, a gift from the U.S. Navy after the U.S.S. Nashville helped evacuate Bourdain from Beirut after the 2006 Israeli-Lebanese conflict broke out
  • Artworks by Brad Phillips, John Lurie, Ralph Steadman
  • Vietnamese blue-and-white ceramic vase
  • Various books and records

And more…

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