Lizzo Issues Postmates Delivery Person Apology

Lizzo Issues Postmates Delivery Person Apology

Lizzo has been a breakout artist for 2019, but when a girl gotta eat, a girl gotsta eat, and that is why she called out a Postmates delivery person on Twitter for stealing her food.

Many believe that the singer could have just ordered more food, but it was the principle…stealing is stealing! Read on…

Lizzo Issues Postmates Delivery Person Apology reports that Lizzo took to Twitter to accuse a Postmates employee independent contractor of stealing or failing to deliver food she had ordered.

The problem is that Lizzo was wrongfully accusing the delivery driver who had shown up, waited the usual five minutes, then left when Lizzo didn’t respond.

This prompted some justified backlash.

Not to mention, Lizzo was wrong, but also, it’s just not very becoming to take down a likely underpaid, overworked subject of the gig economy in front of nearly one million followers.’

What was worse is that Lizzo posted the name and image of the worker in the now-deleted tweet.

Now, after putting the Postmates delivery person on BLAST, the “Scuse Me” singer issued an apology:

Lizzo Issues Postmates Delivery Person Apology

Some fans were happy to see that she apologized, others supported her and some bashed Lizzo and asked for an apology for stealing her lyrics.

Now do one where you apologize for stealing lyrics from twitter.

A couple other fans write:

Baby, I fully support you putting her on blast because that was THEFT!!!

Someone did something wrong, you had every right to do what you did. I went through the same thing about a month ago with a postmate delivery driver. It’s annoying and just wrong when you’re waiting for food you paid for and they don’t actually deliver it. That’s stealing.

While another fan points out:

Twitter is such a great place. SMH

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