5 Reason Why WesBurger N More is MUST STOP in SF

5 Reason Why WesBurger N More is MUST STOP in SF

If you are heading to San Francisco, California and want one of the best burger experiences of your life, then WesBurger N More is your go to spot. Read on and see our 5 delicious reasons to go to Wesburger N More in SF…

CelebNFood247.com recommends to all burger lovers that WesBurger N More is the place to get your taste on..

Reason #1: The Pizza Burger WesBurger N More is to die for. Imagine thick griddled Provolone dripping all over home-made Marinara, Caramelized Mushroom, and Onion with Crispy Pepperoni all on top of your burger. It’s an experience you have to sink your teeth in.

The Pizza Burger!

Reason # 2: The Stinky Matt! Have you ever had FunDude Sauce pouring down all on you Caramelized Onions, Mushrooms with Garlic Confit Spread? No worries WesBurger N More has this masterpiece all for you. All with Chips and paired with the Drink of the Week: Altamont Bianco

Reason #3: The Tomato Jam burger with Goat Cheese, Mustard, and Fried Shallots burger. this delicious and decadent delight will have your tastebuds soaring and saying, “OMG, thank you for such a magnificent flavorful treat, may I have another?”

Reason #4 If you’re feeling something more Asian/Pacific, then try the Mongolian Burger with Pepper Jack Cheese. This burger is a definitive burger that has Sauteed Peppers, Caramelized Onions, Mongolian Sauce, Scallion Aioli, Crispy Rice Noodle and paired with the beer of the week, a Harmonic IPA

Reason #5 Lastly, may we suggest a Pepper Jack grilled poblano pepper and onion with Thousand Island? All paired with a strawberry horchata shake! Doesn’t this one sound sooooooo good?

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