10 Best Coffee Spots in Oakland California

10 Best Coffee Spots in Oakland California

We told you earlier this week that the inaugural Los Angeles Coffee Festival is taking place on November 9, 10, and 11th at The Magic Box @ The Reef.

But did you know that Oakland, California is becoming the home of coffee these days? Read on and find out the 10 Best Coffee spots in Oakland to check out…

10 Best Coffee Spots in Oakland CaliforniaCelebNFood247.com is everything eating, drinking and deliciously yummy. When it comes to Oakland, California, everyone loves some coffee.

Before we talk about the 10 Best Coffee spots in Oakland. Let recap – Coffee has come along way from his previous slangs over the years like; Joe, Java, dirt, mud, brew cuppa, go juice, jitter juice, High Octane, Wakey Juice, Morning Jolt and our favorite, Liquid Energy.

When it comes to coffee, best is a relative term. So what makes coffee so good? It’s all about the roast. The place who makes the coffee and the various ways it can be brewed.

Coffee shops have become the daytime bars, and everyone has their own opinion of what makes them good. In Oakland, cafés are as diverse as the various neighborhoods and so is the coffee.

Roasters and baristas, and coffee mixologists are creating coffee experiences like no other and communities with an appetite for the Joe and supporting local business.

These are the shops that put franchises like Starbucks, Peet’s Coffee, Coffee Bean, Biggby Coffee, and Dunkin to the side.

Check out our 10 Best Coffee spots in Oakland:

10. Coloso Coffee

This little café is relatively new to the Oakland’s uptown coffee scene. Coloso Coffee is forgoing pour over drip coffees for batch brewed drip coffee and espresso. The owners, Jose Posadas and Renzo Gianella, want to respect their customers time by serving up quick cups and staying open seven days a week.

LOCATION: Coloso Coffee, 1715 Webster St, Oakland, CA, USA, +1 415 240 7377

10 Best Coffee Spots in Oakland California9. Blue Bottle Coffee

There aren’t many natives in the Bay Area that aren’t familiar with the little blue logo of Blue Bottle Coffee. The coffee shop has become a staple not only in Oakland but also in the city and all over the bay. The company promises only to serve beans that are roasted in-house within the last 48 hours.


8. Awaken Cafe

The Awaken Cafe is a little bit of everything, including an award-winning espresso bar, beer and wine bar, and event space, so it’s not all coffee and sleepless work-from-homers. The walls of the café are lined with local artists‘ work, every Wednesday the shop hosts a karaoke night, and many other days of the month are home to open mic and local musicians. The Awaken Cafe is one of the great gems of Oakland and what makes the townhome.

LOCATION: Awaken Cafe, 1429 Broadway, Oakland, CA, USA, +1 510 863 1440

7. Farley’s East

Farley’s East is among the shops that transformed the dim Uptown Oakland area to the flourishing neighborhood its known to be today. It was the first café in Oakland to build a parklet and create a great urban outdoor experience. Each month the three various locations invite non-profits to share their mission and donate proceeds to support their work. Farley’s is open to artists and customers who want to hang out and chat over a flavorful cup of coffee.

LOCATION: Farley’s East, 33 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA, USA, +1 510 835 7898

10 Best Coffee Spots in Oakland California6. Modern Coffee

There are a lot of coffee shops in the bay, but none quite like Modern Coffee in downtown Oakland. Modern Coffee is Oakland’s premium coffee tap room (caffeine addicts have to love the way that sounds). Along with the menu of brewed-to-order cups and coffees to share, there’s a list of ‘coffees we love right now’ from the owners. Customers can also buy bags of beans from roasters like Chromatic, Counter Culture, Linea Caffe, Stumptown, and Verve.

LOCATION: Modern Coffee, 411 13th St, Oakland, CA, USA, +1 510 835 8000

LOCATION: Modern Coffee, 381 19th street, Oakland, CA, USA +1 510-858-7601

5. Actual Cafe

This local café in Oakland’s Golden Gate neighborhood has a little bit of everything. It’s one of the favorite coffee, lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch spots. Actual welcomes artists, bike riders, and musicians and supports the community by helping to develop sustainable solutions. On the weekends, they celebrate by being laptop-free to create a lively place for people to connect and enjoy the scene. Its a celebration of community as well as being a part of it.

LOCATION: Actual Cafe, 6334 San Pablo Ave, Oakland, CA, USA, +1 510 653 8386

10 Best Coffee Spots in Oakland California4. Bicycle Coffee Company

Do something different, be unique and ahead of the trend with Bicycle Coffee Company. They are the premiere bike riding coffee service. The coffee company started out roasting beans in a wok at a kitchen in the Inner Sunset and has now become a multinational roasting name. Their single café is located in downtown Oakland, and it’s as unique as the company. The cool thing about Bicycle Coffee Company is that the roasting done in almost the same room as where the coffee is served. Another cool thing is that their outdoor seating with tables shaped like the bicycles their coffee is delivered on.

LOCATION: Bicycle Coffee Company, 364 2nd St, Oakland, CA, USA

3. Timeless Coffee

Timeless Coffee is a little retreat amidst the hustle and bustle of Piedmont Avenue. Rather than design a café of commotion, Timeless wants its patrons to enjoy the little pleasures in life. Their in-house roaster creates some of the most delicious espressos and coffees to order. Timeless is the neighborhood café, a place to hang out, enjoy, and share in Oakland’s spirit.

LOCATION: Timeless Coffee, 4252 Piedmont Ave, Oakland, CA, USA, +1 510 985 1360

10 Best Coffee Spots in Oakland California2. Cole Coffee

Breakaway from the tradition franchises that dominate the city like Peet’s and Starbucks. Instead, patron Cole Coffee is a staple in the Rockridge neighborhood in North Oakland. They’ve been roasting and brewing coffee beans for nearly 27 years. It’s a small shop with a fast-paced environment during those busy College Avenue days. The café is a nice size with comfortable sofas and outdoor seating to enjoy the diverse culture of the area.

LOCATION: Cole Coffee, 307 63rd St, Oakland, CA, USA, +1 510 653 5458

1. City Light’s Cafe

City Light’s Cafe is like a little parklet off of the Cathedral of Christ the Light. It’s located on the Cathedral Plaza and has a beautiful view of Lake Merritt. City Light’s proudly serves Verve coffee and has an excellent breakfast and lunch menu. The café has a modern atmosphere with plenty of outside seating.

LOCATION: City Light’s Cafe, 2121 Harrison St, Oakland, CA, USA, +1 510 496 7276

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