F**k, That’s Delicious: Nathan’s Famous Coney Island Feast

Coney Island Feast at Nathan's Famous with F**k, That's Delicious

One of the best food shows is on Viceland and it stars rapper and food connoisseur Action Bronson.

When it comes to food Action Bronson and his crew sink their teeth into so many great foods it’s f***ing ridiculous, but hey that’s what you get with F**k, That’s Delicious. Continue on to see their Coney Island Feast at Nathan’s Famous

Coney Island Feast at Nathan's Famous with F**k, That's DeliciousCelebNFood247.com has Action Bronson and his F**k, That’s Delicious crew as they hit up one of the best and oldest spots in Coney Island, Nathan’s – World Famous Frankfurters since 1916.

Damn, Nathan’s is so good. If you haven’t been to Nathan’s Famous, then you need to make it a stop on your next trip to New York.

We love Action Bronson hosting F**k, That’s Delicious because you get to see another side of the rap star and when he’s NOT on stage he is straight up foody!

Nathan’s is way worth the trip.

The crew talks about how crispy and delicious the food tastes. Action weighs in saying the key element is that “they use that extra virgin olive oil from Sicily.”

Action Bronson, Body, Meyhem, and the Alchemist have a curbside feast in Coney Island from Nathan’s Famous below:

What do you think of their Coney Island Feast at Nathan’s Famous?

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