Mouth Watering Buttery Popcorn For Movie Night

Mouth Watering Buttery Popcorn For Movie Night loves movies and of course what goes with a movie night at home with the family, our mouth-watering and delicious popcorn.

In fact, we at likes to make popcorn almost every day. Read on to get our recipe for our mouth-watering and delicious popcorn…

Mouth Watering Buttery Popcorn For Movie NightIt can get boring at times so why not try one of these flavors and toppings to see if they spice up your popcorn cravings.

Please note it is best to make popcorn the old fashion way in a pop with oil. The reason why we suggest this is that microwave popcorn is the number one cause of cancer. And nobody wants cancer. The easiest way to avoid that is to STOP making microwave popcorn. In fact, throw it out and by dried corn and pop it yourself. It makes take 5 minutes, but it can be fun for the family. There is no fun is putting it in a microwave and pressing a button.

How to make our Mouth Watering Buttery Popcorn in a pot:

  • Be sure to have at least a 6-quart pot or larger with a lid
  • Oil of choices such as Vegetable, Corn or coconut are all great
  • Butter of choice (Smart Balance is a great healthier option)
  • Popcorn kernels (at least ½ cup per pot)
  • Salt optional (table salt, light salt, sea salt or salt of choice)


Let’s start with buttery popcorn. You can purchase popcorn kernels at most stores. This is an easy basic. Just put enough oil to fully cover the bottom of your pot and add one tablespoon of butter for each half a cup of kernels. The more kernels, the bigger the pot.

Add the oil and butter to the bottom of the pot and put on the lid, heat on medium to high heat. Once it starts to heat, add the popcorn kernels which should be covering the bottom of the pot.

Once the kernels start popping, gently move the pan over the burner and reduce to medium heat. Usually, within 3 minutes the kernels slow down, and you will want to take the pot off the burner right away. Holding the lid with a pot holder if is not burn safe, shake the popcorn a bit.

If you like a lot of butter, you can add more melted butter and salt to taste preference. Shake it together in the pot and pour into your serving bowl.
You can add so many different flavors when the kernels have popped such as garlic, paprika, grated cheese, chili powder, cinnamon, sugar, ranch dressing packets, onion soup packets, and more. You can be as creative as you like.

You can also change cooking oils and add teriyaki sauce, ginger, soy sauce, peanut sauce, and more.

You might even want to add almonds, cashews or any nut you prefer and mix with your favorite flavorings. Other goodies are chocolate drizzle or pieces, Carmel drizzle or pieces, dried coconut or marshmallows.

Think about it you can add cereals, granola, yogurt candy, cooked bacon and so on.

What type of popcorn are you feeling? Mix it up or keep it simple, its up to you. Have some fun when you are making popcorn for yourselves.

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