11 Mouth-Watering Mexico City Street Foods

11 Mouth-Watering Mexico City Street Foods

This time around, Mark Wiens went on an ultimate Mexican street food tour of Mexico City that will have you begging for more great authentic Mexican food.

Read on to see what, where and how Mark Weins found many great street food in Mexico City...

11 Mouth-Watering Mexico City Street FoodsCelebNFood247.com are fans of Mark Wiens and his traveling around the world for great food discoveries. However, we are loving the gems he just dropped about his recent trip to Mexico City were he scored a number of great spots.

Mexico City is packed with street food, but if you want a food experience that’s busy, in your face, and always exciting and delicious, Mercado de la Merced is one of the greatest places to start.

Mark writes that he started off his day a La Esquina del Chilaquil for breakfast in La Condesa their tortas are delicious. Price – 40 MXN ($2.14) each at the Mercado de San Juan.

Next, he had a quick scorpion and then continued on to the ultimate street food market. Scorpion – 160 MXN ($8.54) for 4 Mercado de La Merced.

Mark listed the food he ate at the market:

  • Quesadilla – 57 MXN ($3.04) for 3
  • Fries Tacos – 20 MXN ($1.07) each.
  • Pancita – 40 MXN ($2.14)
  • Bowl Pambazo Mamey – 15 MXN ($0.80)
  • Mango – 15 MXN ($0.80)
  • Churrería El Moro Total price – 439 MXN ($23.44)
  • Esquites – 20 MXN ($1.07)
  • After all that he walked around the El Zocalo (the center of Mexico City) where he had a corn snack (Loncheria La Rambla) os esquites where they add corn, mayo, cheese, and chili salsas to a cup.
  • Mexican style turkey sandwich – Torta de pavo – 35 MXN ($1.87)
  • They winded down ther day at Taquería Los Cocuyos – Tacos de Cabeza – 17 MXN ($0.91) each

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