Mark Wiens Brings Delicious Food’s Koh Chang Island

Mark Wiens Journey's Too Koh Chang Island

Do you love to travel? Well, no worries if you don’t have the time because Mark Wiens is doing all the traveling and tasting all the delightful and mouth-watering Thailand is serving up.

Read on to see the latest installment from food traveler and connoisseur Mark Wiens who is on Koh Chang Island this time around…

If you are one of Mark Wiens fans, then you know he is always serving up delicious cuisine from around the world.

Today, is delighted to bring you Mark’s most recent trip to Koh Chang Island where he was able to sink his teeth into some truly delicious Spicy Curries.

Mark explains how he orders the same meal because the food is so mouth-watering good.

His favorite is the beef broth and all the natural vegetables in it. The combination is sublime.

Mark Wiens Journey's Too Koh Chang Island

Next, he sinks his teeth into some deep fried fish that will have you begging for more.

Mark Wiens Journey's Too Koh Chang Island

And what goes great with any meal is raw vegetables. The veggies are healthy, delicious and served with Shrimp paste. Watch and let Mark explain how the flavors just explode in your mouth.

Mark Wiens Journey's Too Koh Chang Island

Watch Mark Wiens bringing you more foods from around the world! This time around he decided to stop in Koh Chang Island where he tried multiple delights from Koh Chang. The pristine seafood fishing village is a great spot for people who love the serenity, and the culture. Oh yeah, not to mention delicious food!

Take a look below:

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