OMG! Beer Pickles Are ALL the Rage

OMG! Beer Pickles Are ALL the Rage

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OMG! Beer Pickles Are ALL the Rage. Have you had a Beer Pickle? If you haven’t then you need to try one right away. Pickles are delicious, but beer pickles take it to the next level.

Read on to get all the details on beer pickles… has another crazy for you and its Beer Pickles. If you are like us, “people who love pickles” then you must try these out.

Why Beer pickles? Why NOT!

What is so great about these pickles is that one man has combined two of Americans favorite things, Beer and Pickles.

We learned about these great pickles from Delish, who learned that a man named Jason Poole, who owns his own pickle biz, Preservation & co., in California, emailed me about his boozy pickles: Hefeweizen Bread & Butters.

What makes these pickles so good? Well if you like sweet pickles, these are all about you. The Beer Pickles tend to be syrupy and weirdly sweet.

The new age of picklers is turning out bread & butters that rival the best dills: they use turmeric to get that naturally glowing brine and sometimes no sugar at all, relying on the subtle sweetness of ingredients like beer to do their thing.

Delish says;

“They’re super crunchy with the perfect tang and slight kick from the Hef. Even the most hardcore dill pickle fan will want to get their hands on a jar.”

Do you want these pickles? Then head on over to, preservationandco and BUY NOW: Beer Pickles, $9.00

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