2 Tiramisu Spots That Will Have You Drooling

2 Tiramisu Spots That Will Have You Drooling

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2 Tiramisu Spots That Will Have You Drooling. Tiramisu is probably one of the most delicious deserts to eat.

Tiramisu is a decadent dish, so rich, so light, you could probably eat a whole cake and its still not enough.Read on…

Tiramisu is a delightful desert that one should have on a special occasion. What makes Tiramisu so good? You might say the flavor, and the creaminess of the decadent delight.

Do you have a special occasion coming up and you want to surprise your loved one, then Tiramisu is perfect for you?

We have done some searching and if you want to go out and buy a Tiramisu, and we have a couple we suggestions:

2 Tiramisu Spots That Will Have You DroolingStella Pastry located in North Beach of San Francisco (the Italian District).

You cannot go wrong with this diamond in the bay area. Stella is one of the best bakery’s in the city. The deserts are to die for, we’re talking super delicious! If you are visiting the bay area, you must make sure to stop by Stella’s.

They feature traditional & Italian pastries, treats & desserts.

2 Tiramisu Spots That Will Have You DroolingAnother great spot for Tiramisu is Basque Boulangerie Café is Sonoma (located in the town square).

Now, they are best known for the French bread, it is out of this world, and to be honest, once you have it you will be spoiled. In addition to their magnificent bread, they have incredible pastry.

They feature a combination of French and Italian delights which is a must if you’re visiting the town this year.

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